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author webchairs page 3. 3 - うぃきぺでぃあ 次は 5。 n がふぇるまー素数ならば正n 角形をこんぱすと定規だけで作図できる。3 はふぇるまー素数なので正三角形もこん ぱすと定規だけで作図できる。n が 2 の累乗数の場合や 2 の累乗数と複数個のふぇる まー ...

誹謗中傷対策のACM Multimedia
By WEBCHAIRS | Published: OCTOBER 29, 2010. ACM Multimedia 2010 Gala Dinner was held yesterday in Salone dei 500 at Palazzo Vecchio. It was a wonderful night in a beautiful place. During the dinner were also awarded the authors of ...

2010 09 acm awards acm sigmm award to effrosyni kokiopoulou
Effrosyni Kokiopoulou, received today the SIGMM Phd Award for his thesis Geometry-Aware Analysis of High-Dimensional Visual Information Sets. Congratulations! Keynote Speech of Mubarak Shah at ACM Multimedia 2010. By WEBCHAIRS ...

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